@An outline of COE

     The industries of semiconductor, magnetic record and liquid crystal are strategic industries for constructing an advanced information communications society of our country. They are facing strong challenges from both sides of the Europe/America and Asia. It is highly desirable to use the wisdom of universities for keeping a long-term competitive edge in these fields. The Tohoku University has long been conducting the world-class original researches in the fields of the information communication technology (IT) and the nano-technology (NT) for material and device developments. The Dept. of Electronic Engineering was selected as a former educational research COE due to its great research achievements. With the Dept. of Electronic Engineering as a core, an NT-IT research and educational center has been founded to form the world-strongest interdisciplinary COE in the fields of electrical communication and electronic engineering. Dept. of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC) and New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe) are joining this program to expect a synergistic effect. Basic research achievements of material process evaluation etc. will be utilized for applied research of the advanced device and systems. The original technologies created by this program will strengthen the international competitive power of the country.

@NT-IT research and educational center
     For managing the NT-IT research and educational center, a steering committee has been established. The steering committee constitutes a COE leader, 3 research leaders, a QI school leader and a few external intellectuals. The committee determines all the important matters for managing the COE. The NT-IT research is promoted in a top-down manner under the strong leadership of the COE leader. Following three research groups have been set up and are cooperating with each other for acquiring the international leadership in the fields of next generation electronics devices, communications networks, etc.
    A: Fundamental Research and Analysis/Evaluation Technology
    B: Semiconductor Magnetic Optical and Display Devices
    C: Computing and Transport Technology

@Education plan
In the COE program, the QI school has been established. Practical lecture and seminars by the first-class foreign researchers are introduced into the curriculum for the second half of the doctoral course. Worldwide excellent students will be solicited as elite doctoral candidate students in the short term course of the QI school. Also the best students will be selected from the regular courses. They are given 3-ranked research grant.
     The QI school will hold periodically the mini international conferences participated by students. The first-class researchers will be invited to this conference to give interdisciplinary tutorial lectures. The students will be trained to improve their ability to present and debate in English. Elite doctor students in the short term course will be dispatched for an errantry education to the industries overseas research institutes etc. under the young researcher training and super internship program of QI school. The QI school is employing postdoctoral researchers to conduct international joint researches in cooperation with the first-class researchers. This program is considered as the gateway to become worldwide researchers.