Ph.D.Students Supervised

  1. Takao Asano, Professor of Chuo University, ``Complexities of Combinatorial Problems,'' 1977.
  2. Kazuhiko Takamizawa, NEC Corporation, ``Algorithms for Graph Processing,'' 1980.
  3. Takahiro Watanabe, Professor of Waseda University, ``Graph Traversal Problems and Their Approximation Algorithms,'' 1982.
  4. Norishige Chiba, Professor of Iwate University, ``Efficient Algorithms for Planar Graphs,'' 1984.
  5. Hitoshi Suzuki, Assistant Professor of Ibaragi University, ``Multicommodity Flow and its Applications,'' 1988.
  6. Kimio Sato, Professor of Sendai National College of Technology, ``Graph Theoretic Study on Constructive Networks,'' 1989.
  7. Naoyoshi Kanamaru, NTT Human Interface Lab., ``CG Representation of Trees,'' 1991.
  8. Fumiaki Sato, Professor of Toho University, ``Generation and Test of Communication Software,'' 1991.
  9. Hiraide, NTT, ``Construction of BISDN,'' 1991.
  10. Shin-ichi Nakano, Professor of Gunma University, ``Edge-Coloring Algorithms,'' 1992.
  11. Junya Takahashi, Assistant Professor of Miyagi University, ``Noncrossing Paths Algorithms,'' 1994.
  12. Tsutomu Sugawara, Toshiba Corporation, ``Steady State Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits and Desgin of Analog IC,'' 1995.
  13. Xiao Zhou, Associate Professor of GSIS, Tohoku University, ``Efficient Algorithms for Edge-Coloring Graphs,'' 1995.
  14. Hiroyuki Nakayama, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, ``Algorithm for Video Signal Transformation,'' 1996.
  15. Tadashi Kasezawa, Associate Professor of Nihon University, ``Decoding Algorithms for Coded Moving Image Signals,'' 1998.
  16. Yoshiyuki Kusakari, Associate Professor of Akita Prefectural University, ``Algorithms for Shortest Paths on the Plane,'' 1998.
  17. Md. Abul Kashem Mia, Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, ``Efficient Algorithms for Rankings of Graphs,'' 1998.
  18. Eikoh Chida, Associate Professor, Ichinoseki National College of Technology, ``Algebraic Structures and Encryption Functions,'' 1998.
  19. Md. Saidur Rahman, Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, ``Efficient Algorithms for Drawing Planar Graphs,'' 1999.
  20. Takaaki Mizuki, Associate Professor of Tohoku University, ``Sharing Unconditionally Secure Secret Kyes,'' 2000.
  21. Kazunori Onoguchi, Toshiba Corp., Professor of Hirosaki University, ``Algorithms for Space Recognition and Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles,'' 2000.
  22. Kazuyuki Miura, Associate Professor of Fukushima University, ``Drawings and Independent Spanning Trees of Four-connected Planar Graphs,'' 2001.
  23. Shuji Isobe, Research Assistant of Tohoku University, ``Algorithms for the Total Colorings of Graphs,'' 2002.
  24. Koichi Koizumi, Lecturer of Fukushima National College of Techology, ``Card Dealing and Secret Keys Sharing,'' 2005.
  25. Takehiro Ito, Assistant Professor of Tohoku University, ``Algorithms for Partitioning and Coloring Graphs,'' 2006.
  26. Yuki Matsuo, Hitachi East Japan Solutions, Ltd, ``List-Colorings of Graphs,'' 2007.
  27. Kei Uchizawa, Assistant Professor of Tohoku University, ``Energy Complexity of Threshold Circuits,'' 2008.
  28. Tomoaki Kumagai, ``Demodulation and Diversity Algorithms for Wireless Communication Systems,'' 2008.

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