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[PHOTO.1] Kengo KINOSHITA, Professor [PHOTO.2] Takeshi OBAYASHI, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.3] Hafumi NISHI , Associate Professor

The general focus of our research concerns understanding the biological systems by computational analyses of large-scale data such as genome sequence, gene expression data and protein structures.
Traditional biology tried to enumerate as many biological phenomena as possible and made textbooks thicker and thicker. Of course, it is very interesting to observe the details of each biological phenomenon, but biology is now going into the new era to grasp the general understandings of biological systems, according to the biological information big bang (Fig. 1), the vast accumulation of biological information.
The increase of biological information is very useful to improve our understandings of biological systems, but, at the same time, the increase of information makes it quite difficult to deduce useful information from the raw experimental data. For example, we have shown that sophisticated data treatments are required to obtain true functional relationships between genes, when we use a large number of gene expression data (Fig. 2). In other words, better data analyses lead us to better understandings of biological systems.
These considerations lead us to focus on the development of new algorithms and apply them to analyze large-scale data in the era of biological information big bang.

Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering, Tohoku University
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