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[PHOTO.1] Yuji MATSUURA, Professor
1. Laser delivery system using hollow optical fibers

The hollow optical fiber is a thin glass tube with a diameter less than 1mm which has inner coating of metal and dielectrics. This fiber enables delivery of high-powered laser light with the wavelength region including infrared, visible, and ultraviolet. Our laboratory mainly develops infrared hollow fibers and optics for medical applications. Our research and development areas also include hollow fibers for ultraviolet laser light which are useful in eye surgery and lithography.

2. Capillary optics for X-ray and vacuum ultraviolet

Bundled capillaries having inner coating of metal and dielectrics are developed for applications of X-ray and ultraviolet light. By choosing a proper coating material which shows high reflection for the target wavelength region, the capillary optics shows high optical performances for the short wavelengths where efficient optics does not exist.

3. Optical fiber devices utilizing photonic bandgap structure

We develop devices for optical communications using glass fiberoptics with a radial periodic structure. Optical devices giving various optical functions are fabricated by optimizing the design of the photonic bandgap structure.

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