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[PHOTO.1] Hiroumi SAITOH, Professor [PHOTO.2] Daisuke IIOKA, Associate Professor
[PHOTO.3] Dai ORIHARA, Assistant Professor

Large electric power systems are infrastructures for modern societies. Our research group are studying effective strategies to solve the complex problems related to control, operation and planning of future electric power systems. Our main subjects are as follows.

Research Topics

  1. Real-Time Mode Identification
    When damping power of a large electric power system weakens, power flow oscillations may build up with fault occurrence. In the worst case, the power system becomes unstable. In order to detect and diagnose such weakly damped modal oscillations, we are studying how to estimate the modal oscillations in real time based on synchronized measurement and Multi-Input-Multi-Output system identification.
  2. Cooperative Control of Electric Power Networks with Distributed Generation
    Photovoltaic generation and wind power generation are the expected solutions for environmental problems and decrease of fossil fuel resources. However their power outputs fluctuate in accordance with weather, so that the interconnection with the power networks will result in the degradation of power quality such as voltage and frequency variation. In order to solve the power quality problems, we are studying how to apply intelligent system such as multi agent system to cooperative control of distributed generation and power networks.
  3. Enhancement of Power Network Reliability
    Reliability of electric power networks is strongly affected by aging of network facilities, configuration of generation plants, protection relay system and etc. In order to enhance the reliability of power networks, we are studying how to assess the vulnerability of large power networks and how to estimate accurately the lifetimes of a lot of distribution network facilities.
Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering,
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