The 1 st International Symposium on Information Electronics Systems - Invited Speakers

- Center of Education and Research for Information Electronics Systems -

November 27, 2007, Sendai Excel Hotel Tokyu 3F, Sendai, Japan

Gerrit W. Bauer

Gerrit W. Bauer (Delft University of Technology)

Metal and Semiconductor-Based Spintronics

(10:05 - 10:50)

Gerrit W. Bauer

Susumu Noda (Kyoto University)

Manipulation of Photons by Photonic Crystals

(10:50 - 11:35)

Gerrit W. Bauer

Peter Andrekson (Chalmers University of Technology)

Fiber Optic Parametric Amplifiers and Their Applications

(12:45 - 13:30)

Gerrit W. Bauer

Michael Jensen (Brigham Young University)

Robust Signaling for the MIMO Broadcast Channel: Application to Mobile Wireless and Fixed Optical Networks

(13:30 - 14:15)

Gerrit W. Bauer

Adelbert Bronkhorst (TNO)

Human Interfaces

(14:35 - 15:20)

Gerrit W. Bauer

Magdy Bayoumi (University of Louisiana)

Wireless Sensor Networks: A Collaborative and Embedded Information Processing Environment

(15:20 - 16:05)

Gerrit W. Bauer

Valeriu Beiu (United Arab Emirate University)

Quo Vadis Nanoarchitecture

(16:05 - 16:50)