IEEE International Conference on Microwave Magnetics 2014
June 29th - July 2nd, 2014, Sendai, Japan

Passports and Visas

All persons entering Japan must have a valid passport. In addition, persons coming from certain countries must have a visa issued by a Japanese consulate in their country. Please be aware that in some cases it takes more than one month to obtain a visa. For details, please contact the Japanese embassy or consulate nearest you (Guide to Japanese Visas).

If you need support for VISA, we are pleased to help you. Pay registration fee first, then contact our IEEE ICMM 2014 Desk sooner. It is helpful for quiker proces if you would fill out your full name (as in passport), affiliation, nationality, IEEE membership No. if you have, paper accept No., registration ID, etc in your first communication to the IEEE ICMM 2014 Desk

Mr. Junichi Yokoha
Kinki Nippon Tourist Tohoku Co.,Ltd.
Tel +81-22-222-4141, Fax +81-22-221-6188
E-mail sendai-dantai@or.knt-th.co.jp

Currency Exchange

Only Japanese yen is acceptable at stores and restaurants. You can exchange money at the airports, foreign exchange banks and other authorized exchanges upon presentation of your passport. The exchange rate is roughly JPY 102 to 1 US dollar, JPY 142 to 1 Euro (as of April, 2014).

Credit Cards and Traveler's Checks

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club and JCB are widely accepted at hotels, department stores, shops and restaurants. Only major banks and hotels in principal cities accept traveler's checks and their use in Japan is not as common as in some other countries.


Participants are advised to provide their own personal insurance. The Organizing Committee will assume no responsibility on behalf of participants for accidents, sickness, and theft or property damage.

Electrical Appliances

Japan operates on 100 volts for electrical appliances.The frequency is 50 Hz in the eastern part of Japan, including Sendai.


There is no custom of tipping in Japan. Instead, at places such as restaurants, bars and hotels a 10% service charge is usually added to your bill.

Climate in Sendai

The average temperature in this season is around 24℃ during the day and 17℃ at night.


Effective from April 1st, 2014, 8% consumption tax will be added to your bill.

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