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Last Modified: Apr. 14, 2016
[NEW] Founding Commemoration Lecture of IEEE Magnetics Society Sendai/Sapporo Joint Chapter
■ Date: 15:45〜17:15 on Apr. 21, 2016

■ Location: RIEC Tohoku Univ. Main Building
1st Floor Open Seminar Room
(2-1-1, Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8577, Japan)

Lecturer:Associate Professor Masatsugu Takemoto
(Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University)

Lecturer:Professor Kazushi Ishiyama
(Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University)

■ Sponsorship:
IEEE Sendai Section

■ Co-operation:
IEEE Magnetic Society Sendai/Sapporo Joint Chapter
IEICE Tohoku Section, IEEJ Tohoku Branch(planned)

■ Entrance Fee: Free (Capacity: 60 people)

■ Application:
Please send an email with your name, affiliation, and email address to the address below.
IEEE Sendai Section Office:

■ Application Deadline:
Apr. 18th, 2016

[NEW] Lecture 「Hybrid Processing in Massive MIMO for 5G Mobile Networks」(Co-operation)
■ Date: 15:30〜17:00 on Apr. 18th, 2016

■ Location: RIEC Tohoku Univ. Main Building
1st Floor Open Seminar Room (Room M153)

Lecture Title:
「Hybrid Processing in Massive MIMO for 5G Mobile Networks」

Prof.Xiaodai Dong
Department of Electricaland Computer Engineering,
University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada)

Profile of the lecturer

■ Lecture Summary:
Lecture Summary

■ Application Deadline:
Apr. 18th, 2016 12:00

■ Application:
Please fill out the following form, and apply to the following email address.

[Participating IEEE Sendai Section Lecture Meeting]

【Contact Information】
 Fumiyuki Adachi
 Research Organization of Electrical Communication (ROEC),
 Tohoku University
 Project Professor(Research)

IEEE Sendai Student Awards 2015
The IEEE Sendai Student Awards 2015 ceremony was held.
  • Date:Nov, 30, 2015  15:30~16:00
  • Locaton:RIEC Tohoku Univ. Nanoelectronics-and-Spintronics building 4th floor A401
<The Best Paper Prize>
   Naoki Miyashita (Tohoku University)
   Yoshihiro Osakabe (Tohoku University)
   Shuto Shinbo (Tohoku University)
   Ryuhei Tachika (Hirosaki University)

<The Encouragement Prize>
   Yutaro Hokari (Tohoku University)
   Satoru Ishibashi (National Institute of Technology, Hachinohe College)
   Beiyi Liu (Akita Prefectual University)
   Chen Ye (Akita Prefectual University)

English Presentation Seminar
■ Date: 13:00-15:00 on Aug. 28, 2015

■ Location: Iwate Prefectural University

■ Number of participation:74

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