ECEI Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering.

東北大学 電気・情報系


Group of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering (ECEI) of Tohoku University is a group of related departments, majors and research laboratories that participate in the development and improvement of the electrical and information field. We promote research and education in a variety of fields in electrical, communications, electronic, information, and biomedical engineering in cooperation. The group is composed of about 60 laboratories and has more than 120 faculty members and about 1500 undergraduate and graduate students. It is one of the largest scales in Japan and a center of research and education representing Japan in the electrical and information field. , equivalent to one faculty. The number of graduates has reached 15,000 and is active all over the world.


GSESchool of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Energy Device Engineering
  • Electrical Energy Systems Engineering

Department of Communications Engineering

  • Intelligent Communication Network Engineering
  • Communication Systems Engineering
  • Wave Communication Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering

  • Microelectronics
  • Electronic Control Systems
  • Materials Engineering
  • Electronic Systems Engineering

Department of Management Science and Technology

  • Management of Integrated System Technology
  • Comprehensive Biomedical and System Engineering
  • Advanced Social Energy System

GSISGraduate School of Information Sciences

Computer and Mathematical Sciences

  • Computation Science and Systems
  • Software Science and Systems

System Information Sciences

  • Intelligent Information Science
  • Biosystem Information Sciences

Applied Information Sciences

  • Information and Applied Technology
  • Applied Informatics for Human and Life Sciences

BMEGraduate School of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomedical Measurements and Diagnostics
  • Biomedical Engineering for Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering for Health and Welfare
  • Medical Device Innovation

CCCenter for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems

  • Information Network Systems
  • Advanced Information Technology
  • Communication Infrastructures