Research equipment

Equipments for Research

Our laboratory is complete with world-class equipments and environment to develop equation and research activities rapidly.
IVIS Lumina Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging System, Xenogen

The IVIS® Lumina provides a real-time, fast pre-clinical in vivo imaging system enabling acquisition of biologically relevant events within milliseconds. The IVIS Lumina can perform both quantitative bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging as a standard high signal to noise imager and as a high speed imager

小型動物用 超音波高解像度イメージングシステム

Vevo 770, Visual Sonics


The Vevo® 770 system provides an entry-level platform for the small animal researcher. The Vevo 770 system enables the visualization and quantification of small animal anatomical targets, hemodynamics and therapeutic interventions with resolution as low as 30 microns. Because it is non-invasive, longitudinal monitoring and quantification of phenotypes, therapeutic regimes can be monitored in the same animal over time.

Ultrasound generation/measurement system
Wave Surfer 454, LeCroy
High speed bipolar amplifier, NF Co.
Multifunction synthesizer 1946A 2CH, NF Co.


We can design profiles of ultrasound and generate them. The generated ultrasound can be measured in 3D using using a stage control system (Mark-204-MS, Sigma Koki Co., Ltd

Processing system of nanopartciles



A ζ potential and particle size analyzer, ELSZ-2; Otsuka Electronics


Optimum for fundamental researches and application researches dealing in surface science of films and plate state samples in fields such as nanotechnology, surface chemistry, inorganic materials, high polymers, organism, pharmacy, and medical science


Discovery XT automated staining processor, Ventana

The DISCOVERY XT research instrument brings unprecedented automation, reproducibility and productivity to immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) slide preparation and processing.

Cryotome, Thermo Scientific

High quality and versatile cryostat designed for clinical or research applications.

Excelsior ES Tissue Processor, Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES is an economical, walk-away tissue processor.


The VENTANA SYMPHONY system brings individual slide staining and full automation—from drying to coverslipping—to the histology lab. With the SYMPHONY system, a histology lab can reach new levels of productivity, safety, and quality.

Thermo Scientific Histocentre 3:

The Thermo Scientific HistoStar is the ideal solution for the embedding of routine tissue samples into paraffin blocks for microtome sectioning.

M165 FC, Leica Microsystems

The modular Leica M165 FC fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope allows the user to view the smallest detail of the sample and perform a 3-D analysis without changing instruments.

BX51W1, Olympus

The BX51WI is ideal for all physiological experiments such as patch clamping and intravital microscopy. The fixed stage concept and vibration-free frame design ensure excellent stability throughout the experiment.

DP72, Olympus

The DP72 rapidly delivers images with highly accurate b/w and colour along with a sharp, vivid, real-time display

SZX10, Olympus

The SZX10 is specially designed for routine research. With a maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.2, producing a resolution of 600 line pairs per millimetre and a zoom ratio of 10:1, more information can be gained efficiently from samples.

Confocal microscopeFV1000, Olympus

Fluorescent molecules in cells/tissues are analyzed in 2D/3D.

Cell culture system: Air Jacket type CO2 incubator, Astec

Many types of cancer cells for metastatic experiments are incubated in various conditions in our laboratory.

I26/44R Incubator shaker, Innova

Flask loading and unloading is easily accomplished with the foot pedal release and easy open lid design. Standard swivel casters provide easy mobility.

Scientists in my laboratory have to take the seminar on animal experiments at Tohoku University to start animal experiments. Otherwise, they cannot conducts any experiments using animals.

CR-1600WDS Animal breeding system for mice, Nippon Medical & Chemical Instruments Co., Ltd.



ImageQuant LAS 4000 min, Fuji Film

ImageQuant LAS 4000 mini is a compact solution designed for sensitive digital imaging of Western, Northern, and Southern blots for the purposes of quantitation and documentation.

96 Microplate Luminomete, GloMax®

The GloMax® 96 Microplate Luminometer represents instrumentation and software in a complete solution that includes bioluminescent assays, protocols and support. The GloMax® 96 is a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer that meets the needs for high sensitivity and broad dynamic range for all luminescence applications

Mx3000P™ real-time PCR system, Stratagene

The Mx3000P™ real-time PCR system is a fully integrated real-time PCR detection system. The system includes a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, a quartz-tungsten halogen lamp to excite fluorescence, a photomultiplier tube for high-sensitivity detection, and real-time quantitative detection and analysis software.

NanoDrop products, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The concentration and purity of DNA, RNA or protein samples are measured.