Research Items


Photothermal therapy of tumors in lymph nodes using gold nanorods and near-infrared laser light.
We propose that photothermal therapy with gold nanorods and near-infrared laser light can serve as a new therapeutic method for lymph node metastasis, as an alternative to lymph node dissection.

Elucidation of lymphatic network
It is needed to elucidate the lymphatic network connecting each lymph node to establish a lymphatic drug delivery system. We succeeded in establishment of MXH10/Mo-lpr/lpr inbred mice which develop systemic swelling of LNs up to 10 mm in diameter. We identified 22 different lymph nodes situated in the head and neck, limbs, thoracic and abdominal regions. This paper unveils the anatomy of murine lymphatics to give new insights into the investigation of inter-lymph node metastasis of cancer, especially the mechanisms involved in the trafficking of cancer cells through inter-LN vessels. The results provide data that may prove very useful in the quest to develop better lymph drainage-based drug delivery systems

Enhanced sonographic imaging to diagnose lymph node metastasis: importance of blood vessel volume and density.
Lymph node size is an important variable in ultrasound diagnosis of lymph node metastasis. However, the size criterion often leads to oversight of tumor-positive lymph nodes within the range of "normal" size, such that more accurate diagnostic criteria for lymph node metastasis are required. In this study, we show how diagnosis of lymph node metastasis can be improved by evaluating changes in blood vessel volume and density using a novel contrast-enhanced high-frequency ultrasound system with Sonazoid.

Development of the treatment for metastatic lymph nodes using nano/microbubbles and ultrasound.
In order to establish an effective drug delivery system, we are investing a new molecular delivery system using nano/microbubbles via lymphatic vessels.