List of Papers in 1989


  1. H. Suzuki, T. Nishizeki and N. Saito,
    "Algorithms for Multicommodity Flows in Planar Graphs,"
    Algorithmica, 4, pp.471-501, 1989.
  2. N. Chiba and T. Nishizeki,
    "The Hamiltonian Cycle Problem is Linear-Time Solvable for 4-Connected Planar Graphs,"
    J. of Algoriths, 10, pp.187-211, 1989.
  3. S. Nakano, T. Nishizeki and N. Saito,
    "Upper Bounds for the fg-Chromatic Index of Graphs,"
    ECIJ, 72-C, pp.1463-1471, 1989.