List of Papers in 1993


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    In Proc. of the Third Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimiation, pp.129-145, 1993.
  2. X. Zhou, S. Nakano and T. Nishizeki,
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  3. S. Nakano and T. Nishizeki,
    "Scheduling file transfers under port and channel constraints,"
    International J. of Foundations of Computer Science, Vol.4, No.2, pp.101-115, 1993.
  4. ’†–μαΑˆκ, ΌŠΦ—²•v, Φ“‘LŽ©,
    ‰ž—p”—Šw‰ο˜_•ΆŽ, Vol.3, No.4, pp.279-307, 1993.
  5. S. Nakano and T. Nishizeki,
    "Nearly Uniform Scheduling of File Transfers"
    Proc. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization, 3, pp.425-431, 1993.
  6. M. Ito, A. Saito and T. Nishizeki,
    "Multiple Assignment Scheme for Sharing Secret,"
    J. Criptology, 6, pp.15-20, 1993.