List of Papers in 1999


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  3. 中野眞一, 西関隆夫,
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  4. 近江貴晴, 静谷啓樹, 西関隆夫,
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  5. Y. Kusakari, H. Suzuki and T. Nishizeki,
    "A Shortest Pair of Paths on the Plane with Obstacles and Crossing Areas,"
    International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications, Vol.9, No.2, pp151-170, 1999.
  6. Xiao Zhou and Takao Nishizeki,
    "Edge-Coloring and f-Coloring for Various Classes of Graphs,"
    Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, Vol. 3, no. 1, pp.1-18, 1999.
  7. S. Iso, X. Zhou, T. Nishizeki,
    "A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Finding Total Colorings of Partial k-Trees,"
    International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, Vol.10, No.2, pp.171-194, 1999.
  8. K. Miura, D. Takahashi, S. Nakano and T. Nishizeki,
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    International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, Vol.10, No.2, pp.195-210, 1999.
  9. Md. Saidur, S. Nakano and T. Nishizeki,
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  10. X. Zhou, S. Tamura and T. Nishizeki,
    "Finding Edge-Disjoint Paths in Partial k-Trees,"
    Algorithmica(2000), 26, pp.3-30, 1999.

International Conferences

  1. T. Nishizeki, J. Vygen and X. Zhou,
    "The Edge-disjoint Paths Problem Is NP-Complete for Series-parallel Graphs,"
    Proc. of the 1st Japanese-Hungarian Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, pp.103-110, 1999.
  2. T. Mizuki, H. Shizuya and T. Nishizeki,
    "Dealing necessary and sufficient numbers of card for sharing a one-bit secret key,"
    EUROCRYPT'99, LNCS 1592, pp.389--401, 1999.
  3. K.Miura, S.Nakano and T.Nishizeki,
    "Grid Drawings of Four-Connected Plane Graphs,"
    Graph Drawing 99, to appear.
  4. S. Isobe,X. Zhou and T. Nishizeki,
    "A Linear algorithm for Finding Total Colorings of Planar Partial k-Trees,"
    Proc. of ISAAC99,LNCS 1741, pp.347-356, 1999.
  5. Y. Kusakari,D. Masubuchi and T. Nishizeki,
    "Algorithm for finding noncrossing Steiner forests in plane graphs,"
    Proc. of ISAAC99,LNCS 1741, pp.337-346, 1999.