Publicity (Fiscal Year 2011)

Month/Date Award Receiptant
Mar.27 2011 Tohoku University - Presidential Award Guan Pengyu
(Nakazawa Lab.)
  2011 Tohoku University
   - Engineering Department Head Prize -
Masashi Ono
  (Ohno lab)
   2011 Tohoku University - ECEI Prize - Shun Kanai
  (Ohno Lab)
Mar.24 KDDI Foundation Research Award   - Detail - Nei Kato
Mar.21 2011 (74 th) IEICE Science Encouragement Prize
   for Young Researchers   Detail
Taiki Nishiyama
  (Kato Lab)
Mar.15 The 12th JSAP Outstanding Achievement Award     Memorial Lecture Hideo Ohno
Mar.5 Konica Minolta Science and Technology Foundation Prize for advancement of Image research    detail Takahiro Ishinabe
(Former Uchida Lab.)
FEb.10 2011 Yasujiro Niwa Outstanding Paper Award  (Tokyo Denki University)    detail Shota Ishihara
(Kameyama Lab.)
Jan. 6 IEEE COMSOC Distinguished Lecturers for 2012 Nei Kato
Dec.15 2011 Technical Committee on Optical Communication Systems (OCS)  Encouragement Award Tatsunori Omiya
  (Nakazawa Lab.)
Dec.8 M. Ishida Foundation
   2011 Research Encouragement Award
      Kato (Details)
Hideo Kosaka
  (Edamatsu Lab.)
Toshiaki Kato
  (Hatakeyama Lab.)
Nov.29 IEEE Sendai Section Student Award 2011
      - The Best Paper Prize -
Wang Yi Xin
  (Nakazawa Lab.)
Takatsugu Nagai
Kouji Murakoshi
  (Hatakeyama Lab.)
Nov.26 Distinguished professor at Tohoku University were named on 2011 Fumiyuki Adachi
Masataka Nakazawa
Nov.22 2011 The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
   - The JSPF Award for Excellence in Research Publication -  Detail
Rikizo Hatakeyama
Toshiro Kaneko
Nov.11 2011(the 25th) IBM Scientist Award in Japan  Detail Eijiro Sumii
  (Kobayashi Lab.)
Nov.1 2011 RIEC Award  Detail Eijiro Sumii
  (Kobayashi Lab.)
Oct.17 Commendation of 2011 Excellent Reviewers in Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by JSPS  Detail Naoki Kobayashi
Oct.2 The Auditory Research Meeting Sponsored by The Technical Committee of Psychological and Physiological Acoustics
   2011 Research Encouragement Award
Tetsu Magariyachi
  (Suzuki Lab.)
Sep.28 MSJ (The Magnetics Society of Japan)
      - Society Award -
Migaku Takahashi
   MSJ (The Magnetics Society of Japan)
      - Distinguished Paper Award -
Tetsuji Mori
Du GuanXiang
Michiaki Suzuki
Shin Saito
Hiroaki Fukuda
Migaku Takahashi
   MSJ (The Magnetics Society of Japan)
      - Young Scientist Award -
Kazuki Shirahata
  (Muraoka Lab.)
Sep.21 2011 Thomson Reuters Predicts Citation Laureates - researchers likely to be in contention for Novel honors - Hideo Ohno
   The Vertual Reality Society of Japan    - 2011 (13th) VRSJ Outstanding Paper Award - Wataru Teramoto
Yo-iti Suzuki
Sep.7 2011 IEICE Fellow Masayuki Kawamata
Yo-iti Suzuki
Aug.31 icsi7 2011       - Best Poster Award - Tomoyuki Kawashima
  (Murota Lab.)
Aug.18 CHINACOM 2011     - Best Paper Award - Fumiyuki Adachi
Wei Peng
Jul.19 Science Day Award of The City of Academia Sendai-Miyagi Science Day 2011   - WPI-AIMR Award - Rikizo Hatakeyama
Toshiro Kaneko
Jun.28 The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan      - 2011 Yamazaki Prize - Yukio Iwaya
  (Suzuki Lab.)
Jun.9 Japan Society for Software Science and Technology     - 2010 Basic Research Prize - Naoki Kobayashi
   Japan Society for Software Science and Technology    - 2010 Paper Prize - Yuhki Kamijima
Eijiro Sumii
  (Kobayashi Lab.)
Jun.2 NEC-TOKIN Foundation for Promotion of Science & Technology
  - 2010 Research Encouragement Prize -  Certificate of Merit
Toshiaki Kato
(Hatakeyama Lab.)
May 30 2011 High Temperature Society of Japan
  - Best Reviewer Prize -  Certificate of Merit
Toshiro Kaneko
YongFeng Li
Rikizo Hatakeyama
May 18 2010 IPSJ Tohoku Branch
      - Encouragement Award -
   Certificate of Merit(Sakai)
   Certificate of Merit(Saito)
Shuji Sakai
Kazuya Saito
  (Aoki Lab.)
May 16 2011 Society for Information Display(SID 2011)"Special Recognition Award"   Detail Takahiro Ishinabe
(Former Uchida Lab.)
Apr.28 2011 The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology  - Prize for Science and Technology, Research Category -  * List * Rikizo Hatakeyama
Apr.22 2011 Cool Chips XIV of IEEE symposium
   - Best Poster Award -   Certificate of Merit
Mamoru Miura
  (aoki lab)
Apr.21 2011 (3rd) ASJ Spring Research Conference
   - Student Excellent Presentation Award -
Norimasa Furune
  (Suzuki lab)