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The 5th International Symposium and The 4th Student Organizing International Mini-Conference on Information Electronics Systems - Information

- Center of Education and Research for Information Electronics Systems -

February 22--24, 2012, The Westin Sendai 2F, Sendai, Japan

It is free to take part in this conference.

Important Dates

(1) Title, Abstract: Due date: November 14, 2011
     Title and Abstract of poster: Due date: November 14, 2011
      (Note: Less than 100 words for abstract)

(2) Full paper and Panel: Due date: December 19, 2011
      Template of paper      All
      Template of panel       Members       RAs
      (Note) 4 to 8 pages desired for invited speakers and GCOE members, and
      less than 2 pages for Research Assistants

TAX Exemption for USA, France, UK, and Australia

Please provide us with Residency Certification issued or signed by IRS or TAX Office in 2012 for your tax exemption. If not, 20% of total amount of money received here will be automatically deducted as your income tax. Therefore, we would like to request you to get it before coming here.

USA Residency

1. Please visit Homepage(IRS) and download Form8802 with instruction8802.
   (Reference for Foreign Certification Request - Form6166)

2. Please fill in the Form8802, then mail it to IRS including or after full payment of the user fee (35$). This fee will be reimbursed to you as one of travel expenses.

3. Within 45 days at latest, you will receive the 20 pieces of Form6166 from IRS.
4. Please provide us with the original Form6166 after arriving at Sendai. If you will not be able to bring it with you in time, it will be OK to send it to us after returning to USA.
      (Note: Please refer to US-Tax downloaded.)

UK or France Residency

Please provide us with Residency Certification (a template) signed or stamped by Tax Office or a concerned government in 2012 for your tax exemption.

If you have any question, please contact to the committee (gcoe-kikaku(at)ecei.tohoku.ac.jp).

Hotel Accomodation

1. The Westin Sendai (Special Rate) (See "Access".)

Single Room: 14,000 yen/night, 16,000yen/night with breakfast