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Events 2017

Signal Processing Society Sendai Chapter信号処理技術講演会

We welcome two distinguished researchers conducting the research in the fields related to signal processing in Tohoku area.
All are invited to attend this event to find out some of the cutting-edge research in this area.

■ Date: APR. 17, 2017 16:00-17:45

■ Venue: RIEC Main Building1F, Open Seminar Room, Tohoku University

■ Program:
- Welcome address
 Prof. Masataka Nakazawa, Chair of IEEE Sendai Section

- Introduction of IEEE Signal Processing Sendai Chapter
 Prof. Kazuhiro Kondo, Chair of SP Sendai Chapter/Yamagata University

- 1st Talk: Metacommunication between human and machine<Abstract>
 Lecturer - Prof. Akinoro Ito, Tohoku University

- 2nd Talk: Multipresence and signal processing (tentative title)<Abstract>
 Lecturer - Prof. Michael Cohen, Aizu University