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Therapeutic Ultrasound

: Bloodless treatment of target tissue invisible from outside the body

Ultrasound is widely used in medicine for imaging organs and measuring blood flow inside the body. Not only for such diagnostic uses, but it has recently started being used also for the therapeutic treatment of tumors and so on by focusing the ultrasonic energy at the target tissue. This bloodless, non-invasive method of treatment is spotlighted because it meets the needs of the aging society. We are performing researches to realize such treatment with ultrasound. Not only the technologies to focus energy at the target tissue, but also the imaging technologies to aim at the tissue, invisible from outside the body, and to monitor the tissue changes in real time are necessary. Furthermore, the safety and efficiency of the ultrasonic treatment will be highly improved by a tissue-selective ultrasonic sensitizer, which can induce therapeutic effects at a relatively low ultrasonic intensity.

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