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Stethoscope to Visualoscope
We have developed ultra-portable ultrasound device in 2003. The device equipped small motor for rotational scan within the ultrasound probe. Electric power is supplied through USB cable and echogram is displayed in the PC screen. Although image quality was not equal to the commercially available ultrasound, we have proved that diagnostic ability was equal to the conventional machines.
In fact, it took 2 minutes to boot the note PC at that period. Thanks to the Sendai Knowledge Cluster on Public Health Care, we have newly developed a portable ultrasound in collaboration with Honda Electronics Co. Ltd. This new machine takes several seconds for booting and the weight is less than 2 kg.
The concept of mobile imaging has been expanded to include portable game consoles (Play Station Portable etc.) or mobile phones as imaging clients. We are also investigating the feasibility study on mobile echo in ambulance cars for triage of patients.

Carotid Scan in Public Health Care System
Our aim is not only develop devices but also contribute to the society by using the devices. We went to the refugees’ camp with our portable ultrasound device for screeing of deep vein thrombosis when Iwate-Miyagi earthquake occurred in 2008. We determined the criteria for anticoagulant therapy.
We also developed slightly larger but higher image quality echo to perform carotid scan in public health care system since 2009.

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