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矢印 High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging 矢印 Blood Flow Imaging 矢印 Parametric Imaging 矢印 Photoacoustic Imaging 矢印 Mobile Imaging
High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging
Ultrasound is known as safe and portable imaging modality in clinical settings. Not only those features, ultrasound has possibilities of both high spatial and temporal resolution imaging. High frequency ultrasound has realized microscopic resolution because the spatial resolution is anti-proportional to the frequency of ultrasound.
We have developed ultrasound microscope and investigated acoustic properties on myocardium, atherosclerosis, cancer tissues of stomach, kidney, prostate, and cultured cells. The application of ultrasound microscope also covers field of orthopedic surgery.
We have recently developed 3D ultrasound microscope and applied it for assessment of aging of human skin.

Blood Flow Imaging
“EchoDynamography” represents the flow dynamics in the heart chamber by application of some laws on fluid dynamics on clinical color Doppler echocardiography. We have recently started 3D blood flow analysis in MRI imaging.
Our goal is to understand the interaction between myocardial blood flow and blood flow.

Parametric Imaging
Conventional ultrasound shows information on the size and structure of the tissues by representing the intensity of ultrasound reflection in grey scale imaging. Parametric imaging is the imaging method for tissue characterization by depicting parameters of ultrasound spectrum, small displacement caused by blood pressure and so on.
We have applied the method in intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and achieved automatic tissue characterization by integrated backscatter (IB), tissue strain, Virtual Histology, 2D tissue velocity and attenuation imaging.

Photoacoustic Imaging
Photoacoustic (PA) effect is a phenomenon in which ultrasound is generated by thermal expansion of the tissue by nano-second pulsed laser irradiation. PA imaging promises double resolution of ultrasound and double penetration depth of optics. PA imaging will become functional imaging by differentiating absorption spectrum of oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin.

Mobile Imaging
Mobile imaging is important for social health care system and disaster medicine. We have some projects on the development of Inexpensive and portable ultrasound devices and imaging device applied with mobile phone or handheld game console.
Our dream is to contribute to the society by spreading our mobile imaging devices.
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