How to Promote Yourself to Senior Member How to Become a Member  

How to Promote Yourself to Senior Member
We suggest you to obtain the most suitable member grade. The application for Senior Member can be simply made at IEEE web site.

Senior Members of IEEE
Member qualification is the engineer, scientist, educator, or technical administrator of an IEEE-related field, who is engaged in the special business during at least ten years (the research period in a graduate school includes), and serves as those who performed important achievements over five years. The latter examples include research/educational experience at a university or technical college, the development research and the leader in a company, technical administrator experience, and announcements of paper, book, or patent.
Your educational experience is creditede toward that time as follows:

   3 years for a baccalaureate degree in an IEEE-designated field
   4 years if you hold a baccalaureate and master degree
   5 years if you hold a doctorate
For more information, please visit IEEE Web site, “Senior Member Program”.

How to Apply
Please visit IEEE web site, “Senior Member Application Form”.