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About IEEE Sendai Section
About the Establishment of New Sections
  • The Purpose of New Section Establishment
    To realize the improvement in service, particularly to the local members, and to increase our membership, while urging activation of the IEEE movements in Japan by dividing the Tokyo Section of about 10,000 members and founding new IEEE sections in various areas.

  • New Section Establishment Examination Committee
    In order to examine the establishment of new sections, the section establishment examination committee, which consists of eight representatives from local districts, four from Tokyo section, and four Chapter representatives, was established, and the first meeting was held on February 18, 1998. As a result of further examination, the seven-new-section establishment plan was proposed and approved.

  • The Petition and Recognition of New-Section Establishment
    Establishment preparation was advanced based on the report from the examination committee, the petition of seven-new-section establishment was submitted to the headquarter of IEEE in October,1998, and establishment was formally recognized at the executive officers meeting in November of 1998. The names of new sections, areas, founders, and membership (as of February, 1999) are as follows.
Section Area Founders Membership
Sapporo Hokkaido Prof. Kiyohiko Itoh,
Hokkaido Univ.
about 160
Sendai Tohoku Prof. Tatsuo Higuchi,
Tohoku Univ.
about 380
Nagoya Tokai/Hokuriku Prof. Teruyoshi Mizutani,
Nagoya Univ.
about 690
Kansai Kansai Prof. Isao Shirakawa,
Osaka Univ.
about 1,380
Hiroshima Chugoku Prof. Takao Hinamoto,
Hiroshima Univ.
about 240
Shikoku Shikoku Prof. Saburo Tazaki,
Ehime Univ.
about 110
Fukuoka Kyushu Prof. Kazuo Ushijima,
Kyushu Univ.
about 360

Tokyo Section now has about 6,430 membership which covers Kanto and Shin-etsu areas.
  • Establishment of Japan Council
    As an organization representing the eight sections mentioned above, the Japan Council and the Japan Council Establishment Committee constituted with 17 persons, including representatives from the sections, were established. The first meeting was held on January 19, 1999, and detailed rules of Council Bylaws and Management were discussed. The purpose of Japan Council is to promote the role of IEEE activities, the exchange between each section, the activity support of each section, and the activities covering the whole region of Japan.