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Research Target: To develop semiconductors, storage, optical and display devices with super high performance (i.e., high density, high speed, high functionality, low power consumption, etc.) and to develop the fundamentals of information communication devices and theories behind the information systems to be used in 10 years time.
Prof. Keiichi Edamatsu (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Quantum Information Technology utilizing Multiple Entangled Photons
Objectives To develop efficient source for multiple entangled photons: Entanglement recovery protocols / Quantum information using multiple entanglements, Quantum state transfer from photons to electron spins in semiconductors : Quantum memories, Quantum repeaters
Prof. Hiroaki Muraoka (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Terabit Perpendicular Magnetic Recording for High Capacity Storage System
Objectives To develop future perpendicular magnetic recording technology with new read/write devices, head and disk, and to aim at high areal density recording of 2 Tbits/inch2, which corresponds to the bit size of 18nm by 18nm.
Prof. Hideo Ohno (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Functional devices with spin dynamics
Objectives We focus on the dynamics and its manipulation of carrier spins, nuclear spins, and magnetic spins in semiconductor structures, to realize new functional devices with a spin degree of freedom.
Prof. Yasuo Cho (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy with atomic resolution and its application to next generation ferroelectric high density data storage
Objectives To develop super high resolution SNDM for measuring atomic dipole distribution of condensed matter and its application to high speed and high density ferroelectric data storage.
Prof. Michio Niwano (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Creation of Next-Generation Nano-electronic Devices of Energy-Saving Type
Objectives To develop
Visiting Prof. Tatsuo Uchida (Graduate School of Electronic Engineering)
Theme Super high performance display system for the next generation
Objectives To develop the advanced alignment control technology, polarized light control (PLC) theory and diffused light control (DLC) theory to realize high quality display with super-low-power consumption, and establish high-performance display system for the next generation.
Prof. Rikizo Hatakeyama (Graduate School of Electronic Engineering)
Theme Nanodevice-oriented nanoscopic plasma process control
Objectives Foundation of nano information-electronics using nanocarbon network: Create new-functional nanostructures for air-stable pn junction, NDR, magnetic semiconductor, electrooptic fusion, wiring,...
Prof. Migaku Takahashi (New Industry Creation Hatchery Center)
Theme Tailor-made nano-structured material for highly qualified spin related devices
Objectives To achieve highly qualified spin related devices such as ultra-high density magnetic recording media, high sensitivity spin-valve head and other magnetic devices for high frequency use through newly developed hopeful material design and precisely controlled dry and/or wet processes
Prof. Junichi Kushibiki (Graduate School of Electrical and Communication Engineering)
Theme Development of a new materials characterization technology by super-accurate ultrasonic measurements
Objectives To develop a new evaluation method of promising materials for the future optoelectronics devices and for the future extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) systems by the ultrasonic micro-spectroscopy (UMS) technology
Prof. Junichi Murota (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Creation of Atomically Controlled Processing of Group IV Semiconductors and its Application to Nanometer-scale Heterodevices
Objectives To develop 10 nm Scale Quantum Nano Devices with Strain Controlled Nano Scale Patterned Heterostructure of Group IV Semiconductors