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Research Target: To develop super-high-speed coherent optical communication technology, broadband wireless signal processing technology, secure network architectures, and communications protocols, as well as optical and wireless technologies and distributed networks. The target data rate of optical communications is 1~10 Tbps using optical TDM/WDM technology and the wireless data rate should be as high as 100 M~1 Gbps over a hostile wireless propagation channel.
Prof. Fumiyuki Adachi (Graduate School of Electrical and Communication Engineering)
Theme Broadband wireless signal processing and distributed wireless networking
Objectives To develop frequency- and power-efficient broadband wireless signal processing and distributed networking technologies for future broadband packet wireless communication systems.
Prof. Takahiro Hanyu (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Fundamental Technologies of High performance VLSI processor for Multimedia Applications
Prof. Masayuki Kawamata (Graduate School of Electronic Engineering)
Theme Algorithms and Systems for Super High-Speed and High-Precision Digital Signal Processing
Prof. Masataka Nakazawa (Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
Theme Integration of Ultra-High speed OTDM Transmission and Coherent QAM Transmission
Objectives We demonstrate terabit/s OTDM transmission based on DPSK/DQPSK and 256 QAM coherent transmission with an efficiency of > 10 bit/s/Hz. The ultimate goal is to merge the two systems and realize ultrahigh-speed and ultrahigh spectral-efficient optical transmission.
Prof. Kunio Sawaya (Graduate School of Electrical and Communication Engineering)
Theme Multifunctional Antennas for High-Speed Wireless Communications
Objectives To develop multi-band, multi-functional smart antennas for ultra wideband MIMO communications in microwave and millimeter wave band.
Prof. Nei Kato (Graduate School of Information and Sciences)
Theme Towards Realizing comfortable Next Generation Networks
Objectives To develop highly efficient and secure network technologies in next-generation information communication network systems