Special Lectures for 2011  

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1. Special Lectures 1           2. Special Lectures 2


1. Special Lectures 1 for Information Electronics Systems
      (Special Lectures 1 for Information Systems in GSIS)
           Room 204, 2F, Research Building No. 2, ECEI Research Building
XXX XX (FRI) 8:50 - 12:00 13:00 - 16:10  *** Cancelled ***
          【Dr. Habil. Claus E. Ascheron】          Springer
Theme Scientific Publishing      Abstract
          - How to Write a Good Paper and Submit it Successfully -
XXX XX (FRI) 8:50 - 12:00  【Prof. Yasuo Cho】 *** Cancelled *** 
          Research Institute of Electrical Communications
Theme Scanning Nonlinear Dielectric Microscopy with Atomic Resolution and its Application to Next Generation Ferroelectric High Density Data Storage
XXX XX (FRI) 8:50 - 12:00 *** Cancelled ***
          【Prof. Takafumi Aoki and Assoc. Prof. Naofumi Homma】
          Graduate School of Information Science
Theme Real-World Signal Processing and Secure VLSI Computing based on Phase-Only Correlation II
XXX XX (FRI) 8:50 - 12:00  【Prof. Hideo Ohno】*** Cancelled ***
          Research Institute of Electrical Communications
Theme Functional Devices with Spin Dynamics
XXX XX (FRI) 8:50 - 12:00  【Prof. Fumiyuki Adachi】*** Cancelled ***
          Graduate School of Electrical & Communications Engineering
Theme Giga Bits Wireless Signal Processing and Distributed Wireless Network II
XXX XX (FRI) 13:00 - 16:10  【Prof. Hiroaki Muraoka】*** Cancelled ***
          Research Institute of Electrical Communications
Theme Tera Bits Perpendicular Magnetic Recording for High Capacity Storage Systems II

2. Special Lectures 2 for Information Electronics Systems
            (Special Lectures for Information Systems in GSIS)
                        Second semester
Feb. 13 (MON)   14:00 - 16:00  「Lectures on Explore Applied Algorithms」
      【Prof. Ivan Stojmenovic】    University of Ottawa, Canada
          Conference Room 103, South Lecture Room Building,
            Electrical, Information and Physics Engineering
Theme Contribution of Applied Algorithm to Applied Computing   (Sequel)
Abstract There are many attempts to bring together computer scientists, applied mathematician and engineers to discuss advanced computing for scientific, engineering, and practical problems. This talk is about the role and contribution of applied algorithms within applied computing. It will discuss some specific areas where design and analysis of algorithms is believed to be the key ingredient in solving problems, which are often large and complex and cope with tight timing schedules. The talk is based on recent Handbook of Applied Algorithms (Wiley, March 2008), co-edited by the speaker. The featured application areas for algorithms and discrete mathematics include computational biology, computational chemistry, wireless networks, Internet data streams, computer vision, and emergent systems. Techniques identified as important include graph theory, game theory, data mining, evolutionary, combinatorial and cryptographic, routing and localized algorithms.