Lectures: Abstracts and Slides

1. A Revised Transformation Protocol For Unconditionally Secure Secret Key Exchange (in Japanese)
2. Octagonal Drawings of Plane Graphs with Prescribed Face Areas
3. Canonical Decomposition, Realizer, Schnyder Labeling and Orderly Spanning Trees of Plane Graphs
4. Inner Rectangular Drawings of Plane Graphs -Application of Graph Drawing to VLSI Layout-
5. Orthogonal Drawings of Series-Parallel Graphs
6. Various Orders and Drawings of Plane Graphs
7. Drawing Plane Graphs
8. Partitioning Graphs of Supply and Demand
9. Algorithms for Finding Distance-Edge-Colorings of Graphs
10. Convex Grid Drawings of Plane Graphs with Rectangular Contours
11. Algorithms, Applied Graph Theory and Graph Drawing (in Japanese)
12. Takao Nishizeki, photo gallery
13. Hope and Reality of GSIS (in Japanese)
14. Introductory Slides for Nishizeki Lab. (in Japanese)
15. Introductory Posters for Nishizeki Lab. (in Japanese)
16. Small Grid Drawings of Planar Graphs with Balanced Bipartition