Outline of Global COE Program

center of education and research for information electronics systems

Center of Education and Research for Information Electronics Systems

  Tohoku University Electro-Related Graduate School is a world-wide center of education and research for information electronics systems, which consists of the Graduate School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Information Sciences, and the Research Institute of Electrical Communication and has about 150 academic staff members (professors, associate professors, and assistant professors). We have been carrying out a broad range of high quality research ranging from fundamental research, applied research into information communication devices, networking and intelligent information systems, offering a high quality education to both under graduate and graduate students. For five years from 2002, Ph.D. candidates had been supported economically from the 21st century COE program, had received high-quality education, and accomplished tremendous researches showing the best outcomes. Then, the global COE program has been adopted from 2007. We are enhancing our education and research activities through close collaboration with overseas researchers, aiming at the globalization of education and research.

  This center has 23 members (10 of them are assigned to a core member and their education and research activities are rated for the review. ).

(Education) Education and research are equally important disciplines to foster talented students in the University. Researchers who can conduct world-class research can only be fostered by an education involving original and innovative researches. Our program aims at the promotion of creative, elite young researchers who have strong minds and the ability to work on challenging interdisciplinary research topics, providing full financial supports.

(Research) We expand our research to construct a global network for human-oriented intelligent communication. Focusing on research into optical and wireless networking technology, we also conduct research on human-oriented intelligent information systems, intelligent communication systems based on autonomous recognition and prediction of the environment, and communication devices, as well as developing fundamental theories.