Educational Activities

Plan to foster talents
Plan to foster talents

  The world is in the new tide moving from 20 century industrial society to 21 century advanced information-oriented society and the advanced information electronics forms the basis of society. Based on the understanding, our aim is to foster engineers and researchers with the following abilities toward realization of global network to make human oriented-communication possible.

Talent who has the power of deep understanding in broad field of science and industry
Talent who is active internationally and can take a leadership for research and development
Talent who makes much more of practical science and has the ability to create innovative scientific fields and new industry

 It is difficult to realize the above three items through current curriculum. So, as the concrete education and research system in this program, we continue and develop the QI School established during the 21 century COE program, and newly name it ?-QI School. This is an organization supporting the education and research. It financially supports young researchers like doctor students and post doctors, and also intensively carries out errantry education based on errant training in Japan and abroad. The function of the QI School had been highly valued by the third party review committee and the midterm review in MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

Group research encouragement program (New): Our aim is to train RA students to manage research group and take a leadership for research, and we provide each research group with maximum 2 million yen as research funds based on research plan and evaluation of each accomplishment applied.
Establishment of Practical Course by foreign lecturer as Special training with a credit (New): As a doctor course curriculum, we establish and continue courses with credits for “research and experiment”, “presentation and paper writing”, and “debate and discussion” guided by invited foreign lecturers and will make it regular course with a credit
Super-Internship (3 to 6 month stay) as Special Training with a credit: We promote short term elite doctoral course furthermore. We dispatch Ph. D. students to Industry, National Institute, Foreign Research Institute and others as Errantry Education and we will produce tough-elite doctors of distinguished talent. This is authorized as Special Training with a credit for doctor course, and will be spread much more. This program is extensively applied to young researchers like post doctor and assistant professor, fostering talents who have a broad view of things and are active internationally in the field of science and technology.
Ranked research Grant for RAs and Post doctors based on outcomes: In order to stimulate younger researchers through competitive environment, each student is employed as Research Assistant (RA) with three different ranked research grants based on their research accomplishment. We support their research activities and provide international-competitive environment.
 Also Post doctors are employed and have students instruct. They play a role for the education and research with program member.
International Conference organized by Students as Special Training with a credit (New)): A mini-international conference organized by RA students is regularly held and they are trained to manage research organization and take a leadership, cultivating their debate and discussion in English.
 This activity of plan and management is authorized as Special Training with a credit for students of doctor course.