Latest Research Outcomes

Unified Research Theme

Pioneering of Spintronics

   In the field of Spintronics devices with new functions, we have controlled electrically magnetization vector by supplying voltage first time in the world and also pioneered an application to non - volatile magnetic semiconductor memory with new functions and lower power consumption suitable for current semiconductor devices.
(D. Chiba, M. Sawicki, Y. Nishitani, Y. Nakatani, F. Matsukura, and H. Ohno,“ Magnetization vector manipulation by electric fields,”Nature, 455(7212), 515 - 518, 2008)

Toward Quantum Information Communications

   We observed optical nonlinearities in optical fibers and silicon waveguides at a single - photon level and demonstrated state transfer from photon polarization to electron spins and its characterization. Also we generated entangled photons using semiconductor device.
(H. Kosaka, T. Inagaki, Y. Rikitake, H. Imamura, Y. Mitsumori, and K. Edamatsu, “Spin state tomography of optically injected electrons in a semiconductor,” Nature 457, 702 - 705, 2009)

Ultra-fast High Capacity Optical Transmission

   We demonstrated 1 Gsymbol / s × 6 wave, 64QAM(Quadrature Amplitude Modulation)Coherent Multi - Valued Optical Trans - mission using optical phase signal which is the first time in the world and achieved spectral efficiency : 8.6 bit / s / Hz which is high enough.
(H. Goto, M. Yoshida, T. Omiya, K. Kasai, and M. Nakazawa,“Polarization and frequency division multiplexed 1 Gsymbol / s, 64 QAM coherent optical transmission with 8.6 bit / s / Hz spectral efficiency over 160km,” IEICE Electronics Express, 5(18), 776 - 781, 2008).

High-accurate Recognition using POC Function

   We applied POC, which is high - accurate Image matching technology beyond limit of pixel resolution to Biometrics recognition by Iris and Palm print and achieved the world top level performance of recognition. Also we applied it to personal identification based on the recognition of dental X - ray graph and proposed an Identification system when a big disaster or an accident would happen.
(K. Miyazawa, K. Ito, T. Aoki, K. Kobayashi, and H. Nakajima,“An effective approach for iris recognition using phase - based image matching,” IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 30(10), 1741 - 1756, 2008).

Sound Space Communication with Deep Presence

   Toward realization of next generation communication with deep presence, we are developing a high - accurate sensing technology of acoustic information with 3D spatial information and its display technology(WESPAC 2009), and in addition, an editable audio system to enable to freely edit and display each component extracted high - accurately from given acoustic information. Ultra multi - channel sound signal processing technology combined with super resolution technology and high - accurate sound space display technology will make it happen.