Unified Research Theme

Unified Research Theme

  Focusing on the field of optical and wireless networking, we have been conducting researches for fundamentals of information devices and theories, human - oriented intelligent information and communication systems based on autonomous recognition and prediction of the environment. We have set up the concrete unified theme for the center that is named “Next Generation Communications with Good Sense of Presence”. Also we have been doing overall researches based on high - definition imaging technologies, aiming at the realization of communication environment with good sense of presence as if we would be there even though it is far way from here. Our research areas doing aggressively for next generation technologies are High - density Memories, High - definition Display, VLSI Architecture, Fusion of Sound and Image, Capture, Extraction and Synthesis for three dimensional sounds and images, Ultra - high Speed Optical and Wireless Networking, Optical / Wireless Signal Processing, Quantum Communication, and Spintronics.

Realization of Concrete Systems

Three Dimensional Virtual Theater

   3D virtual theater delivers ultimate content as special Audio/Video media data, acquiring 3D images and sound fields simultaneously (Refer to an experimental system with 157 channel capability in Suzuki’s Lab.)

Virtually Connected Big Conference and Teleconference

   Realization of Virtual Big Conference and Teleconference connected each of small many conferences, exchanging and displaying drawing & lecture scenes through broadband networks.

Video Technologies for Surveillance (digital Signage)

   Establishment of surveillance and bio - authentification technologies using 3 - dimension/super - resolution / ultra - wide dynamic range.