Latest Information

  • 2022.05.23

    Dr. Takuro Ishii, an assistant professor of our laboratory and Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, received the encouragement award at the 95th conference of Japanese Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine.

  • 2022.03.08

    Mr. Ryo Shintate, a PhD candidate of our laboratory, recived Student Research Award from Ultrasonics Research Meeting of IEICE.

  • 2022.03.06

    Ms. Shiho Furudate, a second year master student at our laboratory, received the Encouragement Award at the 63rd Tohoku Region Meeting of the Japanese Society of Ultrasonography.

  • 2021.11.22

    The website of the Laboratory has been renewed.

  • 2021.10.25-27

    We will participate in the 42nd Symposium on the Basics and Applications of Ultrasonics Electronics (
    Our Laboratory will present our reseach results in the area of photoacoustic imaging, in-vivo flow analysis, and AI based ultrasound image analysis.

  • 2021.09.28-29

    We will hold a Laboratory tour for 3rd year students in the Department of Electrical and Information Physics, Faculty of Engineering. Please Contact Professor Saijo for details.

  • 2021.09.21

    Naoya Kanno, a second-year (D2) doctoral student of our Laboratory, received the Encouragement Award at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Tohoku Regional Association of the Japanese Society of Ultrasound Medicine.

  • 2021.09.15

    At the International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICoBE 2021) Anam Bhatti, s second-year (M2) master's student in our Laboratory, received the Best Presenter Award.

  • 2020.12.24

    Ryo Shinatate, a second-year doctoral student of our laboratory, received the Young Scientist Award and the Best Paper Award at the 41st Symposium on UltraoSonic Electronics (USE2020).